About Professor Paul Moxey BSc(Eng), MBA, ACA, FCIS

Governance, culture, business ethics and risk management
Board effectiveness review
Board leadership orientation
Expert witness work
Board and Executive Training
Authoring, editing and writing
Futures thinking and scenario planning
Better decision making, living with uncertainty, managing cognitive bias

I am an innovator in risk management and corporate governance. I am fascinated with corporate culture and behaviour and passionate about the role good corporate governance should play in contributing to economic growth in a way which is good for both businesses and society. I have developed a range of executive educational materials and resources to assist boards and their organisations to improve corporate performance by enhancing governance, culture and resilience.

These include a powerful yet simple workshop approach which should make ticking time bombs such as what happened in Volkswagen to occur and bring them to attention if they do exist well before they go off while there is time to take action. Other resources include culture assessment, values assessment, ethical assessment, performance assessment and compliance assessment.

I lecture and have published on corporate governance, risk management, business ethics and corporate culture and can act as a programme manager for facilitating improvement in these areas. In Autumn 2014 I co-authored new research on culture and understanding corporate behaviour Culture and Channelling Corporate Behaviour Summary of Findings

I chair the Control and Risk Self Assessment Forum, a network of practitioners, academics and others interested in the cultural and behavioural aspects of governance and risk management.

Other affiliations: Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at London South Bank University

Fellow SAMI Consulting The home of scenario planning and futures thinking Director of the UK Policy Governance Association   For more information about me, visit my LinkedIn profile